About Us

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

William Morris


Our Ethos

Before anything else, we are furniture makers and craftsmen. We love the process of designing and making. Balancing the quest of making something that is not only beautiful but also something that is built with strength and quality is where our true passion lies. We get excited about how a piece looks and how it functions within its new home. We truly believe that the furniture that we make and sell is an extension of our own personalities and that surrounding yourself with items of beauty in your home can bring with it feelings of wellbeing. Ultimately we are a team of proud craftsmen  who want to feel good about what we do, and the drive for perfection overrides everything that we do. The furniture always comes first.

When you call us or visit our showroom, there is a good chance you will speak with either Ashton or Coleman. One of our slogans is ‘Meet Your Maker’ for a reason. We think that buying a piece of furniture for your home should be a personal experience where the customer feels like they have had a relationship with us as craftsmen and as a company. Customers speak with us in our showroom about what they would like, they can even see furniture being made right next door in our workshop (and sometimes hear the singing), they order their chosen pieces, and wait patiently and excitedly for it to be handmade, finished and delivered (also by us). Years on we still get excited about seeing where the furniture is going to live.


In The Beginning…

Ashton And Coleman Ltd simply grew out of a shared passion for woodwork, and the art of making. Having known each other for over 20 years Simon and Pete’s careers led them to cross paths more and more at a local woodyard. Both became self employed around the same time and both started their own small workshops in barns on the Chatsworth And Haddon Estates in the Peak District. A change of circumstances for the farm owner led Pete to move his workshop to a small section of Ladygrove Mill in Two Dales only a stones throw from where he lives with his family. Outgrowing his workshop relatively quickly, Simon, who also lived in Two Dales moved his workshop to the mill shortly after. In separate units (that actually still joined through an old bolted doorway in the mill), they began sharing tea breaks. Extended tea breaks sparked conversations about the prospect and the potential for sharing machines, premises and bills, but more importantly the vision for making beautiful handmade furniture. Simon And Pete are building their business in much the same way as they build a piece of furniture, with passion, with care and consideration, with strength and personality, but without shortcuts. Fast forward to present day and the team has grown to include more like minded furniture makers and dedicated office staff. They were also able to take on more and more space at the mill until they had the entire ground floor of the 1850s built mill and the adjoining warehouse. In total they occupy around 7500 square feet of workshop, warehouse and showroom space.