Arkwright Dining Table

Arkwright Dining Table

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Named after the famous Industrial engineer from just down the road in Cromford, Derbyshire. We believe our Arkwright Dining Table embodies the strength and quality of the man himself. This table is not only built to stand the test of time but built to withstand the year to year use in any busy household.

The Re-sawn Oak top is made from individual random width oak planks of 35mm thickness. You can choose from a glued up solid oak top with small accent grooves between planks or alternatively you can have our exclusive tongue and grooved top that allows the top to acclimatise through the seasons. The battens that hold the tongue and grooved planks together protrudes through the side rails as a design feature. The legs are turned from solid section air dried Oak beams finishing at a generous 5" thickness. The table is then finished with our signature protective oil.

Table Height: 775mm



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