Creating the workshop has and remains to be a passion and a goal with no end. The love for machinery and tools that when used correctly can achieve wonderful things is strong in so many people. The romanticism that surrounds woodworking is infectious and something that bonds so many of us together, with many people telling us about their father or grandfather who worked with wood as a living or just in the shed. Whether you have a family connection, you simply admire or whether you have a small workspace at the bottom of the garden for yourself, it is something that can be appreciated by so many. 



Many 'furniture making companies' casually suggest that they own and run their own workshop to help cement the authenticity of their brand or company. It is quite disappointing to find out that actually the furniture is made by another company, a factory somewhere else in the country or even overseas in Europe or Asia. So when they say 'Our Workshop' They simply mean the workshop that supplies them. We however are very proud of the ownership of our workshop, warehouse and showroom that offers a truly authentic experience in purchasing handmade furniture direct from the maker.